San Jacinto AAU- May 30th, 2015

Team Champions

Kids/Jr. High School Division Team Champion: Adrenaline MMA


High School Division Team Champion: San Jacinto

Kids Division

40- 45 lbs (K - 1st grade) 1st- Isaac Rodriguez (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Isabla Millan (Adrenaline MMA) 3rd- Olivia Millan (Adrenaline MMA) 65- 70 lbs (2nd - 4th grade) 1st- Evan Manzo (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Jesse Rodriguez (Adrenaline MMA) 3rd- Gabriel Barragan (Adrenaline MMA)
50-55 lbs (1st- 3rd grade) 1st- Micah Mailo (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Paulo Valdez (Rifffians) 3rd- Tracy Walker (Paloma Valley) 80-85 lbs (3rd- 5th grade) 1st- Sonny Kling (Citrus Hills) 2nd- Tristen Crawford (CVBJJ) 3rd- Maliaki Mailo (Adrenaline MMA)

Jr. High School Division

77-84 lbs 1st- Brenden Hartburger (Citrus Hills) 2nd- Sammantha Barragan (Adrenaline MMA) 3rd- Sebastian Bustamante (Anza) 113  lbs 1st- Elijah Garcia (So Cal Elite) 2nd- Korey Mendoza (Adrenaline MMA) 3rd- Conor Peterson (Menifee)
98 lbs 1st- Brenden Hartburger (Citrus Hills) 2nd- Eduardo Mendoza (Villegas Middle) 3rd- Travis Walraven (Menifee) 120-26 lbs 1st- Caleb Trumbull (San Jacinto) 2nd- Jayden Buchanan (Menifee) 3rd- Kristina Leslie (San Jacinto)
106 lbs 1st- Nicholas Garcia (So Cal Elite) 2nd- Daniel McNicholl (Los Osos) 3rd- Conor Peterson (Menifee)
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138-45 lbs 1st- Ricardo De La Torre (San Jacinto) 2nd- Alan Honica (San Jacinto) 3rd- Christopher Martian

High School Division

106 lbs 1st- Gian Facio (San Jacinto) 2nd- Nicholas Garcia (So Cal Elite) 3rd- Dejay Miller (San Jacinto) 152 lbs 1st- Jacob Arellano (Tru MMA) 2nd- Michael Neves (JW North) 3rd- Joel Fruga (JW North)
113 lbs 1st- Jacob Ponce (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Elijah Garcia (So Cal Elite) 3rd- Korey Mendoza (Adrenaline MMA) 160 lbs 1st- Mathew Mejia (Canyon Springs) 2nd- Joel Galaviz (San Jacinto) 3rd- Jacob Arellano (Tru MMA)
120 lbs 1st- Alan Herrera (Hillcrest) 2nd- Gabriel Villegas (San Jacinto) 3rd- Luis Espinoza (La Quinta) 170 lbs 1st- Oscar DeLeon (San Jacinto) 2nd- Miguel Roman (Rancho Mirage) 3rd- Robert Vargas (San Jacinto)
126 lbs 1st- Ethan Diaz (San Jacinto) 2nd- Luis Espinoza (La Quinta) 3rd- Joel Avila (Tru MMA) 182 lbs 1st- Tommie Rojas (La Quinta) 2nd- Jeremy Carroll (Canyon Springs) 3rd- Oscar DeLeon (San Jacinto)
132 lbs 1st- Eric Santana (Palm Desert) 2nd- Joel Avila (Tru MMA) 3rd- Aaron Diaz (San Jacinto) 195 lbs 1st- Edward Ramirez (JW North) 2nd- Albert Contreras (San Jacinto) 3rd- Oncar Sandha (Yucca Valley)
138 lbs 1st- Troy Mantanona (CVBJJ) 2nd- Ramses Cuadros (JW North) 3rd- Devon Purdy (Rancho Mirage) 220- HWT lbs 1st- Robbie Polimeni (La Quinta) 2nd- Alex Loza (Bloomington) 3rd- Jesus Macias (Arlington)
145 lbs 1st- Aj Raya (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Troy Mantanona (CVBJJ) 3rd- Ramiro Lira (Rancho Mirage)
*CVBJJ- Coachella Valley Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu *ASG- Academy of Striking & Grappling  

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